Two Beer


Beer is the oldest alcoholic drink, dating back to ancient Egypt. Beer has come a long way from a cloudy liquid with grains of malt floating in it to the divine drink we can afford today. There are many types of beer, and each has a huge audience of its admirers. One beer differs from another in strength, density, bitterness, color and many other parameters, while still remaining beer.

Two beer, or not two beer?

Beer Recipes

There are an infinite number of beer recipes in the world, as well as borscht recipes in Ukraine. For many years, they tried to make beer according to the classical technology, guided by the law on the purity of beer - only water, malt and hops could be included in its composition. But progress has also affected the recipe of beer - many varieties of beer have appeared, which include citrus peel, pepper, coriander and other spices. In addition, various beer producers are targeting the modern beer consumer market, which requires new products - this is how beers with fruit juices and other ingredients have appeared.

Beer Snacks

Such a unique drink as beer deserves special attention to the snacks offered to it. Unlike cognac and whiskey, which are perfectly consumed without any snack, or vodka, which requires a dense and fatty meal, beer contains little alcohol and is consumed in much larger volumes than strong drinks. For this reason, snacks for beer are different from snacks for other alcoholic beverages. At the same time, the range of snacks for beer is quite wide - from salted peanuts, pistachios and potato chips, to grilled chicken wings, baked pork knuckle or half a chicken. Depending on the conditions for drinking beer, the availability of free time and culinary skills, beer snacks can be bought ready-made, or you can cook it yourself according to the numerous beer snack recipes available.